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Anthropological Research Methods in Action ANTH2231 Module
Anthropological Skills for Climate Change Survival ANTH3947 Module
Anthropology Art and Experience ANTH3937 Module
Anthropology Field Course ANTH30B1 Module
Anthropology Field Course ANTH2131 Module
Anthropology of Data and Quantification ANTH3327 Module
Anthropology of Health Inequality ANTH3267 Module
Anthropology of The Body ANTH3337 Module
Anthropology of Tobacco ANTH3257 Module
Being Human: An Introduction to the History and Practice of Anthropology ANTH1111 Module
Biology, Culture and Society ANTH2207 Module
Capitalism in Ruins ANTH3787 Module
Comparative Cognition and Culture ANTH30D7 Module
Conceptual Issues in Anthropology and Psychology ANTH2227 Module
Cultures and Classifications ANTH2091 Module
Debating Anthropology & Archaeology ANTH2217 Module
Decolonising Anthropology ANTH30C7 Module
Development, Conflict, and Crisis in The Lower Omo Valley ANTH3277 Module
Doing Anthropological Research ANTH1101 Module
Energy and Environmental Politics ANTH30L7 Module
Environment, Climate, and the Anthropocene ANTH2241 Module
Evolution of Cooperation ANTH3877 Module
Evolution of Music ANTH3777 Module
Evolution, Variation and Adaptation ANTH2061 Module
Evolutionary Medicine of Maternal and Infant Health ANTH3297 Module
Exhibiting Anthropology ANTH30A7 Module
Food security, nutrition and sustainable livelihoods ANTH3347 Module
Forensic Anthropology ANTH3887 Module
Global Health and Disease ANTH2141 Module
Global Mental Health: A Critical Anthropological Perspective ANTH30J7 Module
Health, Illness and Society ANTH1041 Module
Homo narrans: the evolutionary anthropology of fiction ANTH30E7 Module
Human Evolution and Diversity ANTH1091 Module
Human Reproductive Ecology ANTH30H7 Module
Interrogating Anthropology ANTH2151 Module
Kinship and Religion ANTH2161 Module
Mediterranean Connections ANTH30G7 Module
Our Place In Nature ANTH2071 Module
Palaeoanthropology and Palaeoecology ANTH3897 Module
People and Cultures ANTH1061 Module
Physical Activity for Health: Anthropological/Critical Perspectives ANTH3797 Module
Politics and Economics ANTH2051 Module
Power and Governance ANTH30F7 Module
Primates in Peril ANTH3867 Module
Primates, Predators and the Ecology of Fear ANTH30I7 Module
Reading Ethnography ANTH2197 Module
Religion and Contemporary Society ANTH30M7 Module
Research Project Design ANTH2187 Module
Sex, Reproduction and Love ANTH2111 Module
Social Movements in Interdisciplinary Perspectives ANTH30P7 Module
Specialised Aspects of Evolutionary Anthropology 6 (10 credits) ANTH3907 Module
Specialised Aspects of Health and Medical Anthropology 5 (10 credits) ANTH3287 Module
Specialised Aspects of Social Anthropology 2 (10 credits) ANTH3917 Module
Specialised Aspects of Social Anthropology 3 (10 credits) ANTH3927 Module
Specialised Aspects of Social Anthropology 7 (10 credits) ANTH3237 Module
Technological Primates ANTH3317 Module
The Anthropology of Sport ANTH3957 Module
The Social Anthropology of Hormones ANTH3307 Module
Violence and Memory (10 credits) ANTH3247 Module

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