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Advanced Cell Biology BIOL3481 Module
Advanced Topics in Development BIOL3521 Module
Advanced Topics in Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour BIOL3561 Module
Ageing BIOL3591 Module
Behaviour BIOL2511 Module
Biochemistry BIOL2491 Module
Biochemistry and Biotechnology BIOL3601 Module
Biological Enterprise BIOL3441 Module
Biology into Schools BIOL3431 Module
Biology of Disease BIOL3621 Module
Cell Biology BIOL2481 Module
Cell Signalling BIOL2501 Module
Conservation Biology BIOL3551 Module
Contemporary Issues in the Biosciences BIOL3641 Module
Crops for the Future BIOL3611 Module
Development BIOL2471 Module
Ecology BIOL2461 Module
Ecology in the Anthropocene BIOL3541 Module
Evolution BIOL2451 Module
Fundamentals of Bioscience Research BIOL1321 Module
Genetics BIOL1171 Module
Genomics BIOL3651 Module
Immune Systems BIOL2421 Module
Integrated Physiological Systems BIOL2521 Module
Introduction to Physiology BIOL1151 Module
Literature Review BIOL3451 Module
Microbiology BIOL2431 Module
Molecular Biology BIOL2441 Module
Molecules and Cells BIOL1281 Module
Organisms and Environment BIOL1161 Module
Plant and Algal Physiology BIOL2571 Module
Public Engagement in Biosciences BIOL3661 Module
Research Skills for Biosciences BIOL2581 Module
Research Skills MBiol BIOL4121 Module
Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering BIOL3531 Module
Stress and Responses to the Environment BIOL3491 Module
Workshop BIOL3581 Module
Workshop MBiol BIOL4111 Module

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There are currently no lists linked to this Level.