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Analysis, Research and Business Skills I BUSS1121 Module
Applied Brand Strategy BUSI2321 Module
Asia and the Pacific Rim BUSI3041 Module
Audit & Assurance BUSS2251 Module
Behavioural Science Project BUSI3322 Module
Brand Strategies, Identity, Culture and Society BUSI2171 Module
Business Research Methods and Statistics BUSI2311 Module
Business Strategy BUSS2231 Module
Business Strategy and Technology BUSS2241 Module
Consulting in the Public Sector BUSI2221 Module
Consumer Behaviour BUSI2331 Module
Consumer Psychology and Behavioural Science BUSI2211 Module
Contemporary Issues in Management Research BUSI3261 Module
Corporate Entrepreneurship BUSI3171 Module
Corporate Governance BUSI3251 Module
Corporate Responsibility BUSI3241 Module
Economics and Psychology of Decision-Making BUSS1161 Module
Entrepreneurship BUSI2141 Module
Global Marketing BUSI3191 Module
Global Sport Business BUSI3351 Module
Global Sport Business BUSI3348 Module
How to Read Buiness BUSI3361 Module
Human Resource Management BUSI2161 Module
Information Systems BUSS2011 Module
Information Systems BUSI2151 Module
Innovation Management BUSI2341 Module
Integrated Marketing Communications BUSI2201 Module
Introduction to Business Research BUSI1191 Module
Introduction to Digital Marketing BUSI1221 Module
Introduction to Leadership BUSI1231 Module
Law BUSS1181 Module
Leadership BUSI3161 Module
Managing in a Global Environment BUSI2131 Module
Marketing Decisions in Practice BUSI2301 Module
Marketing Principles BUSI1131 Module
Marketing Strategy in Practice BUSI1241 Module
New Venture Creation BUSI3331 Module
Operations Management BUSI2181 Module
People, Management and Organisations BUSI1141 Module
Research Methods and Statistics BUSI2231 Module
Retail and Services Marketing BUSI3221 Module
Service Operations Management BUSI3211 Module
Social Marketing BUSI3201 Module
Strategic Management BUSI3181 Module
Strategy in Practice BUSI1211 Module
The Changing World of Business BUSI1171 Module
The Changing World of Business BUSS1131 Module
The Future of Work and the Gig Economy BUSI3341 Module
Work, Organisation and Society BUSI3281 Module

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