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Advanced Biological Chemistry CHEM3421 Module
Advanced Computational Chemical Physics CHEM4471 Module
Advanced Computational Chemistry CHEM3071 Module
Advanced Organic Chemistry CHEM3117 Module
Advanced Research Concepts in Chemistry CHEM4481 Module
Bioactive Chemistry 3 CHEM3211 Module
Bioactive Chemistry 4 CHEM4211 Module
Biological Chemistry CHEM2051 Module
Chemical Physics 3 CHEM3411 Module
Chemical Physics 4 CHEM4411 Module
Chemistry and Society CHEM3061 Module
Chemistry into Schools CHEM3081 Module
Chemistry Literature Perspective CHEM3187 Module
Chemistry of the Elements CHEM2077 Module
Computational Chemical Physics CHEM3151 Module
Computational Chemistry CHEM2061 Module
Core Chemistry 1 CHEM1078 Module
Core Chemistry 2 CHEM2012 Module
Core Chemistry 3 CHEM3012 Module
Core Chemistry 4 CHEM4311 Module
Core Chemistry 4D CHEM4361 Module
Inorganic Concepts and Applications CHEM3097 Module
Introduction to Materials Chemistry CHEM1127 Module
Materials Chemistry CHEM3051 Module
Mathematical and Experimental Tools required in Chemistry CHEM1111 Module
Molecules and their Interactions CHEM3137 Module
Molecules in Action CHEM1061 Module
Practical Chemistry 1A CHEM1087 Module
Practical Chemistry 1B CHEM1107 Module
Practical Chemistry 2 - Inorganic CHEM2107 Module
Practical Chemistry 2 - Organic CHEM2117 Module
Practical Chemistry 2 - Physical CHEM2127 Module
Practical Chemistry 3 - Inorganic CHEM3107 Module
Practical Chemistry 3 - Organic CHEM3127 Module
Practical Chemistry 3 - Physical CHEM3147 Module
Properties of Molecules CHEM2097 Module
Public Engagement in Chemistry CHEM3431 Module
Structure and Reactivity in Organic Chemistry CHEM2087 Module

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