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Akkadian CLAS40730 Module
Ancient Greek for Research CLAS40430 Module
Ancient Philosophers on Origins CLAS43030 Module
Animals in Graeco-Roman Antiquity CLAS43130 Module
Aristotle's Systems CLAS43530 Module
Baroque Modes: Classical Excess and its Reception in Literature and the Visual Arts CLAS44330 Module
Cicero Philosophus CLAS44030 Module
Classical Modernisms: Receptions of Greece and Rome in Literary and Visual Cultures from T. S. Eliot to Anne Carson CLAS44930 Module
Diocletian and his era: sources and narratives CLAS43630 Module
Dissertation CLAS51260 Module
Dissertation (Ancient Philosophy) CLAS40460 Module
Dissertation (Greece, Rome and the Near East) CLAS40260 Module
Edessa: The Athens of the East CLAS44430 Module
Forms After Plato CLAS40230 Module
Greek Epigraphy CLAS44530 Module
Greek Text Seminar CLAS40630 Module
Greeks and the East: 800-100 BCE CLAS44630 Module
Independent Research Topic CLAS44730 Module
Juvenal's Satires in Context CLAS42930 Module
Latin for Research CLAS40330 Module
Latin Love Elegy CLAS40930 Module
Latin Text Seminar CLAS40530 Module
Law and Literature in Ancient Greece and Rome CLAS43930 Module
Magic in the Roman World CLAS44830 Module
Money and Coinage in the Ancient World CLAS45030 Module
Monumental Architecture of the Roman East CLAS41430 Module
Mycenaean Greek and Homer's World CLAS45230 Module
Religious Life in the Roman Near East CLAS41130 Module
Romosexuality: Homosexuality in Latin Literature and its Reception CLAS44130 Module
The Classical Tradition: Art, Literature, Thought CLAS42230 Module
The Queen of the Desert: Rise and Decline of Palmyra's Civilization CLAS43230 Module
The Roman Republic: Debates and Approaches CLAS43330 Module
Vitruvius, On Architecture: the First Treatise On Architecture, Its Significance and Legacy CLAS41530 Module
What the Ancients Knew: Science in Greece and Rome CLAS43830 Module

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