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Advanced Algorithms COMP4087 Module
Advanced Computer Graphics and Visualisation COMP4097 Module
Advanced Computer Systems COMP3467 Module
Advanced Computer Vision COMP4107 Module
Advanced Project COMP4013 Module
Algorithmic Game Theory COMP3477 Module
Algorithms and Data Structures COMP1081 Module
Artificial Intelligence COMP2261 Module
Automated Reasoning and Verification COMP4127 Module
Bioinformatics COMP3487 Module
Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies COMP4137 Module
Codes and Cryptography COMP3491 Module
Compiler Design COMP3637 Module
Computational Complexity COMP3507 Module
Computational Modelling in the Humanities and Social Sciences COMP3517 Module
Computational Thinking COMP1051 Module
Computer Science into Schools COMP3421 Module
Computer Systems COMP1071 Module
Computer Vision COMP3527 Module
Contemporary Computer Science III COMP3537 Module
Contemporary Computer Science IV COMP4147 Module
Cryptography COMP3697 Module
Data Compression COMP3687 Module
Data Science COMP2271 Module
Deep Learning COMP3547 Module
Design of Algorithms and Data Structures COMP3557 Module
Distributed Network Computing and Algorithms COMP4227 Module
Human-AI Interaction Design COMP3647 Module
Introduction to Music Processing COMP3717 Module
Learning Analytics COMP4157 Module
Mathematics for Computer Science COMP1021 Module
Multimedia and Game Development COMP3567 Module
Natural Computing Algorithms COMP3677 Module
Natural Language Processing COMP4167 Module
Networks and Systems COMP2211 Module
Networks and their Structure COMP4177 Module
Parallel Scientific Computing I COMP3577 Module
Parallel Scientific Computing II COMP4187 Module
Programming (Black) COMP1101 Module
Programming (Gold) COMP1111 Module
Programming Paradigms COMP2221 Module
Project Management COMP3587 Module
Public Engagement in Computer Science COMP3621 Module
Quantum Computing COMP4117 Module
Randomised Algorithms and Probabilistic Methods COMP4197 Module
Recommender Systems COMP3607 Module
Reinforcement Learning COMP3667 Module
Security Engineering COMP3657 Module
Software Engineering COMP2281 Module
Theory of Computation COMP2181 Module
Virtual and Augmented Reality COMP3617 Module

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