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Accounting ECOS1231 Module
Accounting and Finance in Business ECOS1141 Module
Accounting Theory ECON4011 Module
Advanced Macroeconomic Theory ECON3211 Module
Advanced Microeconomic Theory ECON3201 Module
Applied Econometrics ECON3011 Module
Banking and Financial Technology ECON2281 Module
Behavioural and Experimental Economics ECON2141 Module
Behavioural Finance ECON3361 Module
Business Competition ECON2081 Module
Business Planning: Tax ECOS2301 Module
Business Planning: Taxation ECOS2221 Module
Business, Technology and Finance ECOS1241 Module
Computational Quantitative Finance ECOS3341 Module
Computational Quantitative Finance ECON3351 Module
Corporate Finance ECON2191 Module
Corporate Governance ECON3441 Module
Development Economics ECON3171 Module
Dissertation in Economics ECON3012 Module
Economic Controversies ECON1171 Module
Economic Data Analysis ECON2061 Module
Economic Methods ECON1021 Module
Economic Theory ECON2291 Module
Economics of Social Policy ECON2091 Module
Environmental Economics and Policy ECON3161 Module
European Economics ECON2071 Module
Financial Accounting and Reporting ECOS2271 Module
Financial Derivatives and Financial Engineering ECON3381 Module
Financial Econometrics ECON3371 Module
Financial Economics ECON2101 Module
Financial Management ECOS2191 Module
Financial Management ECOS2291 Module
Financial Markets and Institutions ECON2151 Module
Financial Theory and Corporate Policy ECON3251 Module
Foundations of Finance ECON1131 Module
Game Theory and Applications ECON3301 Module
Heterodox Economic Theory ECON3311 Module
History of Economic Thought ECON3051 Module
Industrial Organisation ECON3061 Module
Innovations in Professional Practice ECOS1252 Module
Intermediate Methods for Economics and Finance ECON2121 Module
International and Multinational Finance ECON3391 Module
International Economics ECON3071 Module
Introduction to Economic Ethics ECON1091 Module
Introduction to Economics ECON1101 Module
Introduction to Financial Econometrics ECON2181 Module
Introduction to the History of Economic Thought ECON1081 Module
Introduction to the International Economy ECON1071 Module
Islamic Economics and Finance ECOS3361 Module
Islamic Economics and Finance ECON3331 Module
Labour Economics ECON3081 Module
Law ECOS1261 Module
Macroeconomic Applications and Policy ECON2271 Module
Macroeconomics ECON2011 Module
Macroeconomics for Finance ECON2171 Module
Management Information ECOS1271 Module
Microeconomic Applications and Policy ECON2261 Module
Microeconomics ECON2021 Module
Microeconomics for Finance ECON2161 Module
Monetary Economics ECON3111 Module
Post-Keynesian Economics ECON3291 Module
Principles of Economics ECON1011 Module
Public Economics ECON3191 Module
Quantitative Methods ECON1151 Module
Real Estate Finance ECON3341 Module
Real Estate Finance ECOS3351 Module
Security Investment Analysis ECON3241 Module
Tax Compliance ECOS2281 Module
The Economics of Sustainability ECON1051 Module
The Global Economy ECON1121 Module

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