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Advanced Electronics 4 ENGI44N10 Module
Advanced Electronics Measurements 4 ENGI44O10 Module
Advanced Geotechnical Engineering 4 ENGI44P10 Module
Communications Networks 4 ENGI44Q10 Module
Decarbonisation of Heating and Cooling 4 ENGI44R10 Module
Digital Signal Processing 4 ENGI44S10 Module
Electrical Energy Conversion 4 ENGI44T10 Module
Environmental Engineering 4 ENGI44U10 Module
Fluid Mechanics 4 ENGI44710 Module
Future Vehicles 4 ENGI44810 Module
Hydrology and Water Resources 4 ENGI44910 Module
Internet of Everything 4 ENGI44A10 Module
MSc Civil Design ENGI44630 Module
Non-Linear Solid Mechanics 4 ENGI44B10 Module
Optimisation 4 ENGI44C10 Module
Photonics 4 ENGI44D10 Module
Planning and Contract Law 4 ENGI44E10 Module
Power Electronics 4 ENGI44F10 Module
Radio and Digital Communications ENGI41915 Module
Radio and Digital Communications 4 ENGI44G10 Module
Renewable Energy Technologies 4 ENGI44H10 Module
Smart Energy Networks 4 ENGI44I10 Module
Structural Design 4 ENGI44J10 Module
Structures 4 ENGI44K10 Module
Transportation Infrastructure Engineering 4 ENGI44L10 Module
Turbomachinery and Propulsion 4 ENGI44M10 Module

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