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Advanced Electronics 4 ENGI4547 Module
Advanced Electronics Measurements 4 ENGI4537 Module
Advanced Geotechnical Engineering 4 ENGI4337 Module
Aeromechanics 4 ENGI4417 Module
Aircraft Structures 4 ENGI4407 Module
Civil Design 3 ENGI3401 Module
Communications Networks 4 ENGI4527 Module
Computational Tools for Engineers and Scientists ENGI1151 Module
Control and Signal Processing 3 ENGI3391 Module
Decarbonisation of Heating and Cooling 4 ENGI4497 Module
Digital Electronics and Digital Signal Processing ENGI3491 Module
Digital Signal Processing 4 ENGI4517 Module
Electrical Energy Conversion 4 ENGI4467 Module
Electrical Engineering 2 ENGI2191 Module
Electrical Engineering 3 ENGI3371 Module
Electronic and Electrical Systems 1 ENGI1161 Module
Electronics 2 ENGI2181 Module
Electronics and Communications 3 ENGI3451 Module
Engineering Design 2 ENGI2201 Module
Engineering Design 3 ENGI3351 Module
Engineering Mathematics 2 ENGI2211 Module
Engineering Practice 1 ENGI1171 Module
Environmental Engineering 3 ENGI3341 Module
Environmental Engineering 4 ENGI4957 Module
Environmental Engineering 4 ENGI4597 Module
Fluid Mechanics 4 ENGI4427 Module
Future Vehicles 4 ENGI4457 Module
Geotechnics 3 ENGI3311 Module
Hydrology and Water Resources 4 ENGI4387 Module
Internet of Everything 4 ENGI4567 Module
L4 Engineering into Schools ENGI4321 Module
Materials 3 ENGI3471 Module
Non-linear Solid Mechanics 4 ENGI4397 Module
Optimisation 4 ENGI4577 Module
Photonics 4 ENGI4557 Module
Planning and Contract Law 4 ENGI4347 Module
Power Electronics 4 ENGI4477 Module
Power Semiconductor Devices ENGI3481 Module
Public Engagement in Engineering ENGI4581 Module
Radio and Digital Communications 4 ENGI4507 Module
Renewable Energy Technologies 4 ENGI4447 Module
Semiconductors Physics and Devices ENGI3331 Module
Smart Energy Networks 4 ENGI4487 Module
Solid Mechanics 3 ENGI3411 Module
Solid Mechanics and Structures 1 ENGI1091 Module
Solid Mechanics and Structures 2 ENGI2221 Module
Structural Design 4 ENGI4357 Module
Structures 4 ENGI4377 Module
Structures and Geomatics 3 ENGI3301 Module
Thermodynamics & Fluid Mechanics 1 ENGI1111 Module
Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics 2 ENGI2231 Module
Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics 3 ENGI3291 Module
Transportation Infrastructure Engineering 4 ENGI4367 Module
Turbomachinery and Propulsion 4 ENGI4437 Module

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