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Adventures in Reading: Romantic Books and Political Possibilities ENGL45030 Module
Anti-Capitalist Poetics: Writing and Resisting the Modern World-System ENGL45630 Module
Blood and Soil: Regionalism and Contemporary US Crime Narrative ENGL43630 Module
Creative Nonfiction ENGL45130 Module
Creative Writing Poetry ENGL43730 Module
Creative Writing Prose Fiction ENGL43830 Module
Divergence, Deviance, and Disability in Nineteenth-Century Literature ENGL45430 Module
Elegy: from John Milton to Seamus Heaney ENGL40530 Module
James Joyce and the Limits of Literature ENGL41030 Module
John Milton: Life, Work and Influence ENGL42530 Module
Literary Masculinity at the Fin-de-Siecle ENGL53830 Module
Lyric Poetry of the English Renaissance and Reformation ENGL43430 Module
MA Dissertation ENGL44790 Module
Middle English Manuscripts and Text ENGL41130 Module
Modern Poetry ENGL52730 Module
Modernism and Touch ENGL43530 Module
Narrative and Thresholds of Consciousness ENGL45230 Module
Narrative Transformations: Medieval Romance to Renaissance Epic ENGL53630 Module
Neurodiversity and the Humanities ENGL45930 Module
Old Norse ENGL53030 Module
Post War British Drama ENGL42430 Module
Qualitative Approaches to Digital Humanities ENGL46130 Module
Qualitative Approaches to Digital Humanities ENGL46015 Module
Reading as a Writer ENGL43330 Module
Reading as a Writer: the Workshop ENGL44030 Module
Reading Medieval Literature ENGL44930 Module
Reflections On Revolution, 1789-1922 ENGL40930 Module
Renaissance Humanism ENGL53130 Module
Renaissance Tragedy ENGL53530 Module
Representing the Self: from Sophocles to the Sopranos ENGL42030 Module
Romantic and Victorian Labouring-Class Poetry ENGL44630 Module
Romantic Forms of Grief ENGL41730 Module
Romanticism and the Forms of Romance ENGL44430 Module
Second-Generation Romantic Poetry ENGL52230 Module
Shakespeare in Context ENGL42130 Module
Shame and Modern Writing ENGL44530 Module
Short Fiction Today ENGL44230 Module
T S Eliot ENGL44330 Module
The Contemporary US Novel ENGL42730 Module
The Ends of (Renaissance) Literature: From Power to Passion ENGL44830 Module
The Literatures of Slavery ENGL40430 Module
The Short Story ENGL53430 Module
The Word in the World ENGL43930 Module
The Writing of Poetry ENGL40830 Module
Theory and History of the Novel ENGL45830 Module
Thinking with Things in Victorian Literature ENGL43130 Module
Thomas Pynchon ENGL41430 Module
Twentieth-Century Satire ENGL43030 Module
Warrior Poets in Heroic Societies ENGL41330 Module
Women and the Novel in the Eighteenth Century ENGL41930 Module
Women in Victorian Poetry and Painting ENGL40730 Module

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