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A Society of Equals?: Literature, Culture and Equality ENGL3261 Module
American Fiction Level 3 ENGL3131 Module
American Poetry ENGL2141 Module
Arthurian Literature ENGL2381 Module
Black Lives, Pre-1900 ENGL3791 Module
Chaucer ENGL2121 Module
Classical & Biblical Backgrounds to English Literature ENGL1031 Module
Contemporary Short Fiction: Towards an Intersectional Writing of the Present ENGL3671 Module
Contemporary US Fiction & The Question of Genre ENGL2771 Module
Creative Writing Poetry ENGL3271 Module
Creative Writing Prose Fiction ENGL2741 Module
Embodied Victorians ENGL3751 Module
English Plays before Shakespeare ENGL2701 Module
English: Language, Use, Theory ENGL1021 Module
Epic and the Literature of Legend ENGL1041 Module
Evelyn Waugh ENGL2691 Module
Fin-De-Siecle Fiction ENGL2291 Module
From Romance to Romanticism: An Introduction to English Ballads ENGL3641 Module
George Eliot: Novelist of Ideas (Special Topic) ENGL2471 Module
Germanic Myth and Legend ENGL2371 Module
Introduction to Drama ENGL1011 Module
Introduction to Poetry ENGL1071 Module
Introduction to the Novel ENGL1061 Module
Irish Poetry Since Yeats ENGL2321 Module
Jane Austen ENGL2761 Module
Jewish American Fiction ENGL3621 Module
John Milton (1608-74) ENGL2611 Module
Keats and Shelley ENGL3611 Module
Landscape and 'the Condition-of-England' (Special Topic) ENGL2551 Module
Literary Institutions ENGL3761 Module
Literary Psychoanalysis ENGL3831 Module
Literature (1900 to present), Cinema and Neuroscience ENGL3181 Module
Literature in England and Wales, 1066-1300 ENGL2531 Module
Literature of the Modern Period ENGL2081 Module
Literature of the Romantic Period ENGL3061 Module
Literature Under Charles I and Cromwell ENGL2601 Module
Medieval Literature ENGL3661 Module
Mind and Narrative ENGL3711 Module
Modern Literature and the British Secret State ENGL2621 Module
Modern Poetry ENGL2191 Module
Modernism, Movement and Dance ENGL3811 Module
Nonsense Literature ENGL3691 Module
Old English Level 2 ENGL2091 Module
Old English Level 3 ENGL3091 Module
Old French Level 2 ENGL2111 Module
Old French Level 3 ENGL3111 Module
Old Norse Level 2 ENGL2101 Module
Old Norse Level 3 ENGL3101 Module
Paradise Lost as Science Fiction ENGL3731 Module
Poetry and Poetics ENGL2641 Module
Post-War Fiction and Poetry ENGL3591 Module
Postcolonial World Literatures ENGL2801 Module
Reading Games, Playing Books ENGL3841 Module
Reading Joyce's Ulysses ENGL3701 Module
Reading the Digital - Digital Humanities and Literary Studies ENGL2811 Module
Renaissance Literature Level 2 ENGL2041 Module
Renaissance Sensations: Literature, Science, and the Supernatural ENGL3681 Module
Resistance in South Asian Postcolonial Literature ENGL3721 Module
Restoration and Eighteenth-century Literature ENGL3051 Module
Romance and the Literature of Chivalry ENGL1051 Module
Romantic Plays and Players ENGL2791 Module
Science and the Literary Imagination, 1850-1900 ENGL3651 Module
Seamus Heaney ENGL3601 Module
Shakespeare ENGL2021 Module
Shakespeare On Film (Special Topic) ENGL3231 Module
Shakespeare's Afterlives ENGL3801 Module
Shakespeare's History Plays ENGL2751 Module
Shakespeare's Problem Plays ENGL3191 Module
Shakespeare's Problem Plays ENGL2711 Module
The Australian Legend, 1890s - 1990s ENGL2501 Module
The Brontes (Special Topic) ENGL2421 Module
The Campus Novel ENGL3631 Module
The Domestic Object: Home and Identity in Edwardian and Modern Fiction (Special Topic) ENGL2561 Module
The Literature of Emotion, 1740-1814 (Special Topic) ENGL2151 Module
The Politics of Style: From Close Reading to "World Literature" ENGL3741 Module
The Rise of Popular Music ENGL3851 Module
The Short Story (Special Topic) ENGL2181 Module
Theory & Practice of Literary Criticism ENGL2011 Module
Thinking with Poems ENGL3771 Module
Toni Morrison: Texts and Contexts ENGL2521 Module
U.S. Cold War Literature and Culture ENGL3221 Module
Victorian Literature ENGL2071 Module
Virginia Woolf ENGL2211 Module
W B Yeats ENGL3201 Module
World Medieval: Space, Histories, Orientations ENGL3781 Module
Writing Mountains in the Early Twentieth Century ENGL3241 Module
Writing Prose Fiction ENGL3171 Module
Writing Women: Gendering Literature, c.800-1600 ENGL2781 Module

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