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A Safe Democracy? Constitutionalism, Extremism, and Political Violence in Modern England, c. 1890-1939 HIST45730 Module
Anglo-Saxon Societies and Cultures: Interdisciplinary approaches to early medieval England HIST43430 Module
Courts and Power in Early-Modern Europe HIST42630 Module
Elections in Africa: a cultural and political history, c. 1950-2016 HIST45230 Module
Feudalism: The Uses and Abuses of a Historical Model HIST45030 Module
Grant-writing for Masters students HIST46115 Module
History and the idea of politics: 1500-1900 HIST43630 Module
History, Knowledge and Visual Culture. HIST44430 Module
Intellectuals and Public Opinion in Global History HIST45130 Module
Interpretations of Terror and Genocide in Modern Europe HIST44330 Module
Media, Culture and Society in Weimar and Nazi Germany HIST43830 Module
Methodology and Criticism HIST44515 Module
Negotiating Life in the Early Modern England HIST42730 Module
Old English Language, Texts and Contexts HIST44830 Module
Paleography: scribes, script and history from Antiquity to the Renaissance HIST42530 Module
Peasant Rebellions in Monsoon Asia, c.1850-1980 HIST46430 Module
Power and Society in the Late Middle Ages HIST42430 Module
Power and the State in Early Modern Europe HIST46930 Module
Race in Modern America HIST43230 Module
Reading the Medieval and Early Modern Past HIST45430 Module
Serious Fun: A History of Sport from the Late Middle Ages to the Present HIST44530 Module
Sources of Political Power in South Asia, 1400 - 1800 HIST46230 Module
Special Topic in History HIST45830 Module
The Archaeology of the Book: Codicology and Culture From Antiquity to the Renaissance HIST41430 Module
The Four Horsemen: Pestilence, War, Famine and Death HIST45630 Module
The Liberal Arts - Learning, Knowledge and Power in the High Middle Ages (c.1100-c.1300) HIST44930 Module
The Wealth of Nations HIST42830 Module
Themes, Readings and Sources HIST45330 Module
Tribe and Nation in Africa HIST43330 Module
Visual Culture in Late Antiquity and The Early Middle Ages Ca. 500-1000 CE HIST46830 Module
Visualizing Revolution: The Image in French Political Culture, c.1789-1914 HIST45930 Module
Work and Play in early modern Europe HIST44730 Module
Writing the Medieval and Early Modern Past HIST45530 Module

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