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Advanced Issues in Corporate Law LAW45515 Module
Advanced Issues in Human Rights LAW45315 Module
Advanced Issues in International Economic Law LAW41130 Module
Advanced Issues in the Constitutional Law of the Eu LAW40115 Module
Advanced Issues of International Intellectual Property Law LAW43215 Module
Advanced Law of Obligations LAW53730 Module
Applied Research Methods in Law LAW41115 Module
Carriage of Goods by Sea LAW41915 Module
Cartel Control in an International Context LAW4XXXX Module
China and the International Legal Order LAW46115 Module
Commercial Fraud LAW54015 Module
Comparative Corporate Governance LAW53630 Module
Comparative Law in a Global Context LAW44215 Module
Competition Law LAW40230 Module
Competition Law LAW40715 Module
Consumption Tax Law and Policy LAW46015 Module
Corporate Compliance LAW42715 Module
Corporate Social Responsibility LAW40415 Module
Corporations in an EU context LAW43630 Module
Cross-Border Commercial Litigation LAW46430 Module
Current Issues in Commercial Law LAW40530 Module
Current Problems of International Law LAW41730 Module
Electronic Commerce LAW53015 Module
EU Trade Law LAW40130 Module
European Discrimination Law LAW53430 Module
Free Speech Problems in International and Comparative Perspective LAW43315 Module
Frontiers in Biolaw LAW45715 Module
Fundamental Issues in International Legal Governance LAW44815 Module
Fundamental Issues in International Legal Governance LAW43830 Module
Fundamentals of Corporate Law LAW45415 Module
Fundamentals of International Law LAW41330 Module
Fundamentals of International Law LAW44715 Module
Global Environmental Law LAW44915 Module
Global Financial Law LAW44530 Module
Global Institutions LAW43930 Module
Horizontal Human Rights LAW45215 Module
International and Comparative Insolvency Law LAW40515 Module
International Banking Law LAW40930 Module
International Commercial Dispute Resolution LAW41530 Module
International Counter Terrorism: Theory and Practice LAW45015 Module
International Human Rights Law, Development, and Commerce LAW40315 Module
International Humanitarian Law LAW44030 Module
International Investment Law LAW41830 Module
International Investment Law LAW46315 Module
International Perspectives on Law and Gender LAW43015 Module
International Protection of Human Rights LAW42230 Module
International Sales Law LAW52730 Module
International Tax Law LAW45915 Module
International Trade Law & Policy LAW40730 Module
Introduction to Corporate Governance LAW53815 Module
Introduction to Corporate Insolvency Law LAW40615 Module
Introduction to European Union Law LAW40215 Module
Introduction to Intellectual Property Law LAW43115 Module
Introduction to International Criminal Justice LAW42830 Module
Law and Conflict (E2) LAW42415 Module
Law of Oil and Gas Contracts LAW41015 Module
Law of the Sea LAW44130 Module
Medical Law and Ethics LAW45615 Module
Mergers and Acquisitions LAW40915 Module
Private International Law and China LAW45115 Module
Renewable Energy Law LAW46215 Module
Securities Law and Capital Markets LAW44330 Module
Takeover Regulation in the EU LAW44415 Module
The European Union and International Trade LAW40830 Module
Unjust Enrichment LAW42030 Module
US Business Associations LAW44630 Module

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