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Access to Justice LAW3481 Module
Administrative Law LAW2031 Module
Advanced Issues in Criminal Law LAW3521 Module
Advanced Issues in Employment and Discrimination Law LAW3311 Module
Advanced Issues in International Legal Governance LAW3141 Module
Advanced Issues in Public Law LAW2021 Module
Chinese Legal System LAW3431 Module
Climate Change Law and Policy LAW3531 Module
Commercial Law LAW2241 Module
Company Law LAW3031 Module
Comparative Constitutional Law LAW3351 Module
Competition Law LAW3011 Module
Contemporary Issues in Biolaw LAW2291 Module
Contemporary Issues in the Law of the European Internal Market LAW2081 Module
Contract Law LAW1071 Module
Corporate Finance LAW3347 Module
Counterterrorism Law and Policy LAW3337 Module
Criminal Law LAW2221 Module
Employment Law LAW2111 Module
EU Constitutional Law LAW1061 Module
Evidence and Criminal Process LAW2281 Module
Financial Law LAW2321 Module
Free Speech Problems in Comparative Perspective LAW3367 Module
Intellectual Property Law LAW3061 Module
International Criminal Law LAW3241 Module
International Human Rights LAW3151 Module
Interscholastic Mooting LAW3191 Module
Introduction to English Law and Legal Method LAW1121 Module
Introduction to Private International Law LAW3457 Module
Introduction to the Philosophy of Private Law LAW3471 Module
Issues in Commercial and Corporate Law LAW3377 Module
Jurisprudence LAW3291 Module
Land Law LAW2011 Module
Law and Economics LAW3407 Module
Law and History LAW3321 Module
Law and Literature LAW3397 Module
Law and Medicine LAW3071 Module
Law Gender and Society LAW2201 Module
Law in Literature and Film LAW3497 Module
Law In Practice LAW3387 Module
Law of Family Relationships LAW2121 Module
Law of the European Convention On Human Rights LAW3421 Module
Law, Sex and Crime LAW3271 Module
Legal Frontiers LAW2271 Module
Legal Philosophy LAW2311 Module
Media Law LAW3461 Module
Pensions Law LAW3447 Module
Philosophy of Human Rights Law LAW2301 Module
Philosophy of Human Rights Law LAW3541 Module
Private International Law LAW3491 Module
Public International Law LAW2131 Module
Religion and Law LAW2061 Module
Revenue Law LAW3511 Module
The Individual and the State LAW1081 Module
The Legislature and Legislation LAW3501 Module
Tort Law LAW1051 Module
Trusts Law LAW2211 Module
UK Constitutional Law LAW1091 Module

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There are currently no lists linked to this Level.