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Advanced Quantum Theory MATH41020 Module
Advanced Statistical and Machine Learning: Foundations and Unsupervised Learning MATH52015 Module
Advanced Statistics and Machine Learning: Regression and Classification MATH52115 Module
Algebraic Topology MATH41120 Module
Analysis MATH41220 Module
Bayesian Statistics MATH43220 Module
Cryptography and Codes MATH30120 Module
Data Exploration, Visualization, and Unsupervised Learning MATH42515 Module
Decision Theory MATH30220 Module
Differential Geometry MATH30320 Module
Dynamical Systems MATH30720 Module
Elementary Particle Theory II MATH51260 Module
Ergodic Theory and Dynamics MATH43320 Module
Financial Mathematics MATH52230 Module
Fluid Mechanics MATH41820 Module
Functional Analysis and Applications MATH42920 Module
Galois Theory MATH30420 Module
General Relativity MATH40820 Module
Geometry MATH41920 Module
Geometry of Mathematical Physics III MATH31220 Module
Introduction to Mathematics for Data Science MATH42615 Module
Introduction to Statistics for Data Sciences MATH42715 Module
Machine Learning MATH42815 Module
Mathematical Biology MATH30920 Module
Mathematical Finance MATH40920 Module
Multilevel Modelling MATH43515 Module
Number Theory MATH41620 Module
Numerical Differential Equations MATH42020 Module
Operations Research MATH30820 Module
Partial Differential Equations MATH41720 Module
Probability MATH42120 Module
Quantum Computing MATH31020 Module
Quantum Mechanics MATH31120 Module
Representation Theory MATH42220 Module
Riemannian Geometry MATH41320 Module
Solitons MATH41420 Module
Statistical Mechanics MATH42320 Module
Statistical Methods MATH30520 Module
Stochastic Processes MATH43020 Module
Topics in Algebra and Geometry MATH41520 Module
Topics in Applied Mathematics MATH43120 Module
Topics in Statistics MATH42420 Module
Topology MATH30620 Module

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