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Advanced Mathematical Biology IV MATH4411 Module
Advanced Quantum Theory IV MATH4061 Module
Advanced Statistical Modelling III MATH3411 Module
Algebra II MATH2581 Module
Algebraic Topology IV MATH4161 Module
Analysis I MATH1051 Module
Analysis III MATH3011 Module
Analysis in Many Variables II MATH2031 Module
Bayesian Computation and Modelling III MATH3421 Module
Bayesian Statistics III MATH3341 Module
Bayesian Statistics IV MATH4031 Module
Calculus I MATH1061 Module
Calculus I (Maths Hons) MATH1081 Module
Clinical Trials MATH4407 Module
Complex Analysis II MATH2011 Module
Cryptography and Codes III MATH3401 Module
Data Science and Statistical Computing II MATH2687 Module
Decision Theory III MATH3071 Module
Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence MATH4267 Module
Differential Geometry III MATH3021 Module
Discrete and Continuous Probability IV MATH4277 Module
Discrete Mathematics MATH1031 Module
Dynamical Systems III MATH3091 Module
Dynamics I MATH1607 Module
Elementary Number Theory II MATH2617 Module
Ergodic Theory IV MATH4361 Module
Fluid Mechanics III MATH3101 Module
Functional Analysis and Applications IV MATH4371 Module
Galois Theory III MATH3041 Module
General Relativity IV MATH4051 Module
Geometric Topology II MATH2627 Module
Geometry III MATH3201 Module
Geometry IV MATH4141 Module
Geometry of Mathematical Physics III MATH3471 Module
Geophysical and Astrophysical Fluids IV MATH4421 Module
High-Dimensional Statistics MATH4287 Module
Linear Algebra I MATH1071 Module
Linear Algebra I (Maths Hons) MATH1091 Module
Machine Learning and Neural Networks III MATH3431 Module
Markov Chains II MATH2707 Module
Mathematical Biology III MATH3171 Module
Mathematical Finance III MATH3301 Module
Mathematical Finance IV MATH4181 Module
Mathematical Modelling II MATH2637 Module
Mathematical Physics II MATH2071 Module
Mathematics into Schools MATH3481 Module
Mathematics Teaching III MATH3121 Module
Maths for Engineers & Scientists MATH1551 Module
Monte Carlo II MATH2667 Module
Nonparametric statistics MATH4297 Module
Nonparametric Statistics IV MATH4391 Module
Number Theory III MATH3031 Module
Numerical Analysis II MATH2051 Module
Numerical Differential Equations III MATH3081 Module
Numerical Differential Equations IV MATH4221 Module
Object-Oriented Statistics MATH4307 Module
Operations Research III MATH3141 Module
Partial Differential Equations III MATH3291 Module
Partial Differential Equations IV MATH4041 Module
Probability I MATH1597 Module
Probability II MATH2647 Module
Probability III MATH3211 Module
Probability IV MATH4131 Module
Programming I MATH1587 Module
Project III MATH3382 Module
Project IV MATH4072 Module
Public Engagement in Mathematical Sciences MATH3461 Module
Quantum Computing III MATH3391 Module
Quantum Mechanics III MATH3111 Module
Representation Theory IV MATH4241 Module
Riemannian Geometry IV MATH4171 Module
Robust Bayesian Analysis MATH4317 Module
Single Mathematics A MATH1561 Module
Single Mathematics B MATH1571 Module
Solitons III MATH3231 Module
Spatio-Temporal Statistics MATH4341 Module
Special Relativity and Electromagnetism II MATH2657 Module
Statistical Concepts II MATH2041 Module
Statistical Inference MATH2671 Module
Statistical Inference II MATH2711 Module
Statistical Mechanics III MATH3351 Module
Statistical Mechanics IV MATH4231 Module
Statistical Methods III MATH3051 Module
Statistical Modelling II MATH2697 Module
Statistics I MATH1617 Module
Stochastic Analysis IV MATH4261 Module
Stochastic Processes III MATH3251 Module
Stochastic Processes IV MATH4091 Module
Superstrings IV MATH4271 Module
Topics in Algebra and Geometry IV MATH4151 Module
Topics in Applied Mathematics IV MATH4381 Module
Topics in Combinatorics IV MATH4281 Module
Topics in Probability IV MATH4327 Module
Topics in Statistics III MATH3361 Module
Topics in Statistics IV MATH4071 Module
Topology II MATH2727 Module
Topology III MATH3281 Module
Uncertainty Quantification IV MATH4337 Module

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