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Conference Interpreting (Chinese – English) MELA45015 Module
Conflict and Crisis in Modern French/Francophone Cultures MELA40230 Module
Consecutive/Liaison Interpreting (Chinese > English / English > Chinese) MELA45115 Module
Critical Curatorship MELA45230 Module
Critical Theory and Frameworks MELA45930 Module
Crossing Cultures: Word, Text and Image in Translation MELA46830 Module
Cultural Exchange in Seventeenth-Century Europe MELA41330 Module
French for Business and Commerce MELA10415 Module
German for Business and Commerce MELA10515 Module
German Reading Skills for Research MELA10030 Module
History of Translation MELA47130 Module
Intensive Arabic ARAB20240 Module
Intensive Arabic D/E ARAB30160 Module
Interpreting (Arabic > English / English > Arabic) MELA45715 Module
Introduction to Linguistics for Translation MELA47030 Module
Issues in Seventeenth-Century Studies MELA41230 Module
Modern French/Francophone Cultures and Theory MELA40530 Module
Modes of Representation and Aesthetic Renewal in Modern French/Francophone Cultures MELA40130 Module
Negotiating the Human MELA42530 Module
Personal and Public Identities in 20th Century French/Francophone Cultures MELA40330 Module
Religion, Ethnicity and Otherness MELA42630 Module
Representing Otherness MELA42430 Module
Research Skills for Translation Studies MELA44615 Module
Research Skills in the Digital Humanities (MA in Culture & Difference (Interdisciplinary)) MELA44230 Module
Science, Technology and the Remaking of 'Nature' MELA46230 Module
Selected Topics of World Literature MELA46130 Module
Spanish for Business and Commerce MELA10615 Module
Specialised Translation (Chinese – English) MELA41730 Module
Specialised Translation (French – English) MELA41830 Module
Specialised Translation (German – English) MELA41930 Module
Specialised Translation (Italian – English) MELA42030 Module
Specialised Translation (Japanese – English) MELA43930 Module
Specialised Translation (Russian – English) MELA42130 Module
Specialised Translation (Spanish – English) MELA42230 Module
Specialised Translation Arabic – English MELA45830 Module
Theorising History and Historicising Theory: An Introduction to Photographic Studies MELA53730 Module
Things That Matter: Material and Culture in/for the Digital Age MELA46915 Module
Thinking Otherness MELA42330 Module
Translation Ethics and Intercultural Project Management MELA45515 Module
Translation Theory MELA40430 Module
Translation Theory, Research and Practice MELA47230 Module
Translation Work Placement MELA43415 Module
Transnational Cinema MELA46630 Module
Visual Culture: Theory and Practice MELA45360 Module
Visual Modernities MELA45630 Module
World Literature and Translation MELA46530 Module

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