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'the Lure of the Exotic' - Global Perspectives in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century German Literature GERM3301 Module
Advanced Curating: Theory and Practice VISU3001 Module
Anatomy of Italian Culture ITAL2071 Module
Androgynes, Witches, and Monsters in the French Renaissance FREN3441 Module
Anthropocene Animals: Technology, 'Nature' and the End of the World FREN3401 Module
Arabic Language 1 ARAB1012 Module
Arabic Language 2 ARAB2002 Module
Arabic Language 4 ARAB3012 Module
Arabic Linguistics and Dialectology ARAB3061 Module
Arabic Literature ARAB2011 Module
Art and Film Writing in Context VISU1011 Module
Autobiography/Fiction: Contemporary French Writers FREN3221 Module
Berlin: City of Diverse Cultures GERM3311 Module
Catalan (Beginners) SPAN2061 Module
Catalan [Advanced] SPAN3211 Module
Centres and Margins across Italian Cultures and Media ITAL3201 Module
Chinese Cinema CHNS2021 Module
Chinese Historical & Literary Texts CHNS3021 Module
Chinese Language 1A CHNS1032 Module
Chinese Language 1B CHNS1012 Module
Chinese Language 2A CHNS2041 Module
Chinese Language 2B CHNS2012 Module
Chinese Language 4 CHNS3062 Module
Classical Chinese I CHNS2031 Module
Classical Chinese II CHNS3072 Module
Classical Chinese II CHNS3081 Module
Conflict and Competition in the History of the French Language FREN3501 Module
Conflict and Violence in the Spanish Speaking World SPAN1131 Module
Contemporary Spanish Cinema SPAN3181 Module
Critical Methods for the Study of Japanese Literature and History JPNS3021 Module
Digital Skills for Visual Culture Research VISU2001 Module
Dissertation in Modern Languages and Cultures MLAC3001 Module
Doing the Right Thing: Concepts of Justice in German Literature and Film GERM3241 Module
Ecological Imaginaries in Contemporary Latin American Narrative and Documentary SPAN3361 Module
Epic and Chronicle: the Making of History in Medieval Spain SPAN3221 Module
Ethics and Violence in Medieval and Early Modern French Culture FREN3411 Module
Filmmaking VISU3011 Module
Fin-de-si├Ęcle bodies: Decadence and Naturalism FREN3421 Module
French Cinema: 1930s to 1990s FREN3271 Module
French Interpreting FREN3331 Module
French Language 1 FREN1011 Module
French Language 1b FREN1012 Module
French Language 2 FREN2051 Module
French Language 4 FREN3041 Module
French Translation FREN3051 Module
From the Middle Ages to Modernity: The World of Petrarch ITAL3151 Module
Gallery 101: Designing an Art Exhibition VISU1031 Module
Genocide, Violence, and Trauma in French and Francophone Culture FREN3451 Module
German Interpreting GERM3041 Module
German Language 1A GERM1011 Module
German Language 1B GERM1112 Module
German Language 2A GERM2021 Module
German Language 2B GERM2152 Module
German Language 4 GERM3071 Module
Icons and Myths of the Hispanic World SPAN2151 Module
Identity and Alterity in Classical Arabic Literature ARAB3101 Module
Identity and Politics in the German-Speaking Countries GERM1081 Module
Identity in the Spanish Speaking World SPAN1141 Module
In Search of Happiness GERM3281 Module
Introduction to Anime: Aesthetic, Technology, Seriality JPNS2181 Module
Introduction to Chinese Culture CHNS1021 Module
Introduction to Hispanic Literature and Culture (ab initio) SPAN1171 Module
Introduction to Japanese Culture: From Antiquity to the Present JPNS1041 Module
Introduction to Japanese History through Objects JPNS1051 Module
Introduction to Middle Eastern Cultures ARAB1021 Module
Introduction to Museums and Curating VISU2011 Module
Introduction to Russian History & Culture RUSS1151 Module
Introduction to Visual Culture Studies VISU1012 Module
Italian Cinema ITAL3061 Module
Italian Language 1A ITAL1071 Module
Italian Language 1B ITAL1102 Module
Italian Language 2A ITAL2111 Module
Italian Language 2b ITAL2031 Module
Italian Language 4 ITAL3021 Module
Italian Travellers' Tales ITAL3181 Module
Italy and the Arts ITAL1081 Module
Japanese Language 1A JPNS1062 Module
Japanese Language 1B JPNS1012 Module
Japanese Language 2A JPNS2161 Module
Japanese Language 2B JPNS2012 Module
Japanese Language 4 JPNS3012 Module
Kino-Texts: Atlantic Avant-Gardes and Visual Cultures SPAN3321 Module
Language Teaching Methodology LANG40315 Module
Languages and Literatures of Italy. ITAL1091 Module
Latin American Environmental Politics: Cinema and Visual Culture SPAN3351 Module
Latin American Texts SPAN2071 Module
Libertinage in Ancien Regime France FREN3371 Module
Listening to French (Sub)Cultures: Music, Meaning, and Philosophy FREN3491 Module
Literature and Society in the Age of Pushkin RUSS3421 Module
Literature of the 19th-Century Arabic Nahda ARAB3081 Module
Love and Death in Spanish Texts SPAN2171 Module
Mass Media in China: Texts and Contexts CHNS3051 Module
Mediterranean Sexualities: Cultural Stereotypes and Transcultural Exchanges MELA2031 Module
Mediterranean Sexualities: cultural stereotypes and transcultural exchanges MLAC2001 Module
Middle Eastern Cinema ARAB2051 Module
Migrations in Cultures of the French-Speaking World FREN3471 Module
Modern Latin American Literature SPAN3341 Module
Modern Spanish Literature SPAN3041 Module
Modernity & Disenchantment: 19TH and 20TH C French Literature and Culture FREN2011 Module
Narratives of Fascist and Post-war Italy ITAL2061 Module
Nature and Culture Across the Atlantic SPAN2181 Module
Negotiating the Past in the German-Speaking Countries GERM2131 Module
Objects of Desire: Making Sense of the Collections at the Oriental Museum VISU2031 Module
Persian I ARAB2041 Module
Photography and Modernity in the Weimar Republic GERM3201 Module
Photography in East Asia VISU3041 Module
Picturing the Past of the German-Speaking Countries GERM1101 Module
Polygraphing Japonisme: (Re)tracing the circulation of cultural imaginaries VISU3051 Module
Popular Culture and Colonialism: Latin America Past and Present SPAN3371 Module
Race and Gender in Latin American Cinema SPAN2161 Module
Reading French Literature FREN1031 Module
Reading German Culture GERM1091 Module
Reading Russian Literature RUSS2231 Module
Rebellion, Feud and Crusade in Medieval Texts FREN3361 Module
Remembering the Holocaust in Post-War German Culture GERM3151 Module
Renaissance and Baroque in Word and Image ITAL2131 Module
Renaissance Relevance: Italian Culture in Translation ITAL3191 Module
Representing Women: Sex and Power in Colonial Latin America SPAN3311 Module
Revolution and the Image GERM3261 Module
Revolutionary Works in French Politics FREN2091 Module
Russia's linguistic journey through texts and patterns RUSS2271 Module
Russian and Soviet Cinema RUSS2241 Module
Russian for Professional Communication RUSS3381 Module
Russian Language 1A RUSS1161 Module
Russian Language 1B RUSS1042 Module
Russian Language 2A RUSS2191 Module
Russian Language 2B RUSS2012 Module
Russian Language 4 RUSS3031 Module
Science and Culture in Renaissance and Early Modern Italy ITAL3161 Module
Science and Technology in Modern Japan: A Cultural History JPNS2171 Module
Screening the Nation: Russian Cinema and the National Question RUSS3411 Module
Sex and Identity in Germanic Cultures GERM2121 Module
Sex and Society in Spanish Literature to 1700 SPAN3151 Module
Sex, Gender and Identity in The Middle Ages and The Renaissance FREN2031 Module
Sexual Dissidence In French Literature FREN3291 Module
Society and its Outsiders in Modern France FREN1041 Module
Spanish Cinema from the 1940s until Now SPAN3381 Module
Spanish Language 1A SPAN1011 Module
Spanish Language 1b SPAN1072 Module
Spanish Language 2a SPAN2011 Module
Spanish Language 2B SPAN2111 Module
Spanish Language 4 SPAN3011 Module
Spanish Texts SPAN2081 Module
Spanish Translation SPAN3131 Module
Special Subject: Art, Nature, Ecology (20 credits) VISU3121 Module
Special Subject: Art, Nature, Ecology (40 credits) VISU3062 Module
Special Subject: Early Modern New Media (20 credits) VISU3101 Module
Special Subject: Early Modern New Media (40 credits) VISU3092 Module
Special Subject: Performance and Topography (20 credits) VISU3111 Module
Special Subject: Performance and Topography (40 credits) VISU3072 Module
Special Subject: Photography and Modernity Between The Wars VISU3022 Module
Special Subject: Photography and Modernity Between The Wars VISU3141 Module
Special Subject: Screening Masculinities VISU3171 Module
Special Subject: The Spanish Imaginary (20 credits) VISU3131 Module
Special Subject: The Spanish Imaginary (40 credits) VISU3082 Module
Specialised Arabic - English Translation ARAB3041 Module
St Petersburg-Petrograd-Leningrad: Culture, Memory, Mythology RUSS2261 Module
Stage Design in 17TH-Century France FREN3481 Module
The Art of the Moving Image 1: Key Concepts VISU1021 Module
The Art of the Moving Image 2: Theories and Contexts VISU2021 Module
The Body and the Extremity of the Senses: Through Japanese Literature, Performance and Media Arts JPNS2041 Module
The Canon in Context: French Theatre of the 17TH and 18TH Centuries FREN2101 Module
The Cultures of the Hispanic Caribbean: Texts and Theoretical Frameworks SPAN3301 Module
The F-Word: Feminism and Intersectionality in Contemporary Francophone Writing FREN3461 Module
The Francophone Imaginary: Legacies of Colonialism in Literature and Culture FREN2061 Module
The Invention of France FREN1061 Module
The Italian Renaissance in Literature and Art ITAL3071 Module
The Languages of Italy ITAL2081 Module
The Making of Modern Italy ITAL2121 Module
The Making of the Russian Intelligentsia (1762-1917) RUSS3391 Module
The Poet and the State RUSS3371 Module
The Work of Art: Professional Skills and Work Placement in The Visual Arts VISU3151 Module
The World of Dante ITAL2041 Module
Thinking Through Art Objects VISU2041 Module
Tilting At Windmills: Cervantes in Context SPAN3331 Module
Translatio and Transformations of French Culture FREN3511 Module
Transnationalism and Linguistic Contact in the Hispanic World SPAN3291 Module
Trends in Modern Arabic Literature and Film ARAB3071 Module
Understanding Russia: Arts and Ideologies RUSS1171 Module
Violence in German Literature, Film and Visual Art GERM2141 Module
Wanderlust and Fernweh: German Cultures of Mobility from Goethe to Wolfsburg GERM3291 Module
Writing the Modern Self ITAL3171 Module

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