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Advanced Ethnomusicology MUSI3691 Module
Advanced Historical Composition Techniques MUSI2601 Module
Analysis 1: Elements of Tonal Theory and Practice MUSI1281 Module
Britten's Chamber Operas MUSI3651 Module
Composition 1: 20th-Century Innovations MUSI1271 Module
Composition 2: New Directions in Art Music MUSI2311 Module
Conducting MUSI2581 Module
Conducting MUSI3811 Module
Contemporary Music Performance MUSI3611 Module
Creative Music Technology MUSI2641 Module
Historical Composition Techniques MUSI1211 Module
Historical Studies 1 MUSI1261 Module
Historical Studies 2 MUSI2691 Module
Introduction to Ethnomusicology MUSI1251 Module
Late 19th- and Early 20th-Century English Song MUSI2761 Module
Late 19th- and Early 20th-Century English Song MUSI3791 Module
Music and Politics in France, 1789-1815 MUSI3741 Module
Music and Science MUSI2731 Module
Music Theology MUSI3711 Module
Orchestration MUSI2541 Module
Orchestration MUSI3801 Module
Performance 1: Practice through History (with essay) MUSI1291 Module
Performance 1: Practice through History (with recital) MUSI1241 Module
Performance 2: Practice as Research MUSI2711 Module
Philosophy, Music and Improvisation MUSI2751 Module
Portfolio of Compositions (double) MUSI3312 Module
Portfolio of Compositions (single) MUSI3071 Module
Psychology of Music MUSI2781 Module
Psychology of Music MUSI3781 Module
Studies in Electronic Music MUSI3681 Module
Studies in Popular Music MUSI2671 Module
Studies in Symphonic Analysis MUSI3721 Module
Studies in the History of Opera MUSI2651 Module
Techniques Portfolio (double) MUSI3762 Module
Techniques Portfolio (single) MUSI3751 Module
The Keyboard in Music Theory, Analysis, and Practice, 1700-2000 MUSI3821 Module
The Music of India MUSI2771 Module
Theory and Analysis MUSI2611 Module
Time and Rhythm MUSI3631 Module
Words and Music MUSI3731 Module
World Music Traditions MUSI2661 Module

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