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BUSINESS ETHICS 1: Ethical Leadership PHIL41515 Module
BUSINESS ETHICS 2: Society and Sustainability PHIL41615 Module
Current Issues in Aesthetics and Theory of Art PHIL41130 Module
Current Issues in Ethics PHIL40830 Module
Current Issues in Metaphysics PHIL40730 Module
Environmental Philosophy PHIL42130 Module
Ethics and Bias in Data Science PHIL42415 Module
Ethics of Cultural Heritage PHIL41830 Module
Ethics, Medicine and History PHIL41330 Module
Gender Theory and Feminist Philosophy PHIL40930 Module
Mind and Action PHIL41430 Module
MORAL AND CORPORATE TRUST: Trust and Accountability PHIL41915 Module
MORAL AND CORPORATE TRUST: Trust and Business Ethics PHIL42015 Module
Phenomenology and the Sciences of Mind PHIL41030 Module
Philosophical Issues in Science and Medicine PHIL40430 Module
Philosophical Perspectives PHIL51030 Module
Philosophy and Religion PHIL40630 Module
Philosophy of the Social Sciences PHIL41730 Module
Research Ethics PHIL42230 Module
Science and the Enlightenment PHIL40330 Module
Special Topic in Philosophy PHIL42330 Module

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