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Advanced Astrophysics PHYS4161 Module
Advanced Condensed Matter Physics PHYS4151 Module
Advanced Laboratory PHYS3601 Module
Advanced Theoretical Physics PHYS4141 Module
Atoms, Lasers and Qubits PHYS4121 Module
Computing Project PHYS3561 Module
Condensed Matter Physics 3 PHYS3711 Module
Condensed Matter Physics 4 PHYS4271 Module
Discovery Skills in Physics PHYS1101 Module
Foundations of Physics 1 PHYS1122 Module
Foundations of Physics 2A PHYS2581 Module
Foundations of Physics 2B PHYS2591 Module
Foundations of Physics 3A PHYS3621 Module
Foundations of Physics 3B PHYS3631 Module
Foundations of Physics 3C PHYS3671 Module
Foundations of Physics 4B PHYS4261 Module
Introduction to Astronomy PHYS1081 Module
Laboratory Skills and Electronics PHYS2641 Module
Laboratory Skills and Electronics 3 PHYS3681 Module
Mathematical Methods in Physics PHYS2611 Module
Mathematics Workshop PHYS3591 Module
Maths Toolkit for Scientists PHYS1141 Module
Modern Atomic and Optical Physics 3 PHYS3721 Module
Modern Atomic and Optical Physics 4 PHYS4281 Module
Particle Theory PHYS4181 Module
Physics in Society PHYS2651 Module
Physics in Society 3 PHYS3691 Module
Physics into Schools PHYS3611 Module
Planets and Cosmology 3 PHYS3651 Module
Planets and Cosmology 4 PHYS4231 Module
Project PHYS4213 Module
Public Engagement in Physics PHYS3731 Module
Stars and Galaxies PHYS2621 Module
Theoretical Astrophysics PHYS4201 Module
Theoretical Physics 2 PHYS2631 Module
Theoretical Physics 3 PHYS3661 Module
Theoretical Physics 4 PHYS4241 Module

Lists linked to Undergraduate modules

There are currently no lists linked to this Level.