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Advanced Psychological Research for Non-Single Honours PSYC2261 Module
Advanced Research Methods and Statistics PSYC2232 Module
Animal Learning PSYC3507 Module
Applied Issues in Clinical Neuropsychology PSYC3707 Module
Applied Social Psychology PSYC3357 Module
Atypical Development PSYC3327 Module
Behaviour Change PSYC3467 Module
Business and Economic Psychology PSYC3477 Module
Careers in Psychology PSYC1101 Module
Classic Papers: A Tutorial Introduction to Psychological Science PSYC1061 Module
Clincial Neuropsychology PSYC3411 Module
Clinical Cognitive Neuroscience PSYS3191 Module
Close Relationships PSYC3637 Module
Cognitive and Biological Psychology PSYC2241 Module
Cognitive Development PSYC3347 Module
Cognitive Neuropsychology PSYC3247 Module
Cognitive Neuroscience in Practice PSYC3547 Module
Cognitive Neuroscience in Practice PSYS3387 Module
Contemporary and Conceptual Issues in Behavioural Science PSYC2221 Module
Contemporary and Conceptual Issues in Psychology PSYC2121 Module
Criminological Psychology PSYS3277 Module
Criminological Psychology PSYC3557 Module
Current Issues in Mental Health PSYC3717 Module
Differential and Clinical Psychology PSYC2251 Module
Diversity Science PSYC3387 Module
Emotion and Social Perception PSYC3401 Module
Environmental Psychology and Sustainability PSYC3657 Module
Evaluating Evidence in Behavioural Science PSYC3487 Module
Evolution, Culture and Behaviour in Humans and Other Primates PSYC3621 Module
Face Recognition PSYC3427 Module
Fallacies and Biases: Social Cognitive Perspectives PSYC3367 Module
Fetal Development PSYC3431 Module
Hippocampus and Memory: Clinical and Health Perspectives PSYC3517 Module
Human Evolutionary Psychology PSYC3277 Module
Introduction to Psychological Research PSYC1062 Module
Introduction to Psychology 2 Online: Developmental and Social Psychology PSYC1121 Module
Introduction to Psychology 2: Developmental and Social Psychology PSYC1081 Module
Introduction to Psychology I Online: Cognitive and Biological Psychology PSYC1111 Module
Introduction to Psychology I: Cognitive and Biological Psychology PSYC1071 Module
Language, Literacy and Numeracy in the Developing Brain PSYC3667 Module
Learning and Animal Cognition PSYC3201 Module
Mind, Brain and Consciousness PSYS3287 Module
Mind, Brain and Consciousness PSYC3567 Module
Neurodevelopmental Diversity PSYC3677 Module
Neuropsychology of Amnesia PSYC3297 Module
Norms and Social Influence PSYC3377 Module
Professional Skills in Behavioural Science PSYC3497 Module
Psychological Practice PSYC3577 Module
Psychological Practice PSYS3377 Module
Psychology and Health Promotion PSYS3297 Module
Psychology and Health Promotion PSYC3587 Module
Psychology in the womb PSYC3527 Module
Psychology in the Workplace PSYC3591 Module
Psychology in the Workplace PSYS3251 Module
Psychology into Schools PSYS3221 Module
Reward and Addiction PSYS3367 Module
Reward and Addiction PSYC3607 Module
Social and Developmental Psychology PSYC2271 Module
Sport & Exercise Psychology PSYC3617 Module
Sport & Exercise Psychology PSYS3327 Module
The Ever Adapting Brain - Sensory Neuroplasticity PSYC3647 Module
The Multisensory Body PSYC3337 Module
The Psychology of Illness PSYS3347 Module
The Psychology of Illness PSYC3627 Module
The Visual Brain PSYC3181 Module
Vision and Visual Neuroscience PSYC3237 Module

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