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"Curating human remains": dealing with the legacy of war and disaster from archaeological perspectives SGIA48515 Module
America and the World: the Making of Us Foreign Policy SGIA41415 Module
Approaches to the Study of Modern Muslim Societies SGIA43915 Module
Assessing Martial Power SGIA40D15 Module
Capstone Exercise: Humanitarian Intervention Simulation SGIA42415 Module
Capturing and Counting Peace and Conflict SGIA48715 Module
Collective Identities & Political Thought in Britain Since 1850 SGIA40215 Module
Collective Memory and Identity in Postwar Europe SGIA46015 Module
Conflict Analysis SGIA47415 Module
Conflict Mediation SGIA43515 Module
Conflict Prevention and Sustainable Peace SGIA42615 Module
Conflict Sensitive Programme Management SGIA43715 Module
Consolidating Peace After Violence SGIA43015 Module
Contemporary Challenges in United Nations Peacekeeping SGIA48815 Module
Contemporary Political Philosophy SGIA49830 Module
Contemporary Sociopolitical Issues and Muslim Religious Thought SGIA44015 Module
Core Concepts in Political Science SGIA48030 Module
Defence Engagement - Policies and Strategies SGIA47815 Module
Defence Engagement and Entrepreneurship SGIA40B15 Module
Defence, Development and Diplomacy in Conflict: Evolving Actors, Factors and Paradigms SGIA42515 Module
Designing Political Inquiry SGIA48930 Module
Dissertation SGIA47960 Module
Dissertation SGIA49860 Module
Dissertation SGIA40160 Module
Empirical Research in Politics, International Relations and Security SGIA40A30 Module
Ethical Aspects of Global Governance SGIA46915 Module
Ethnicity and Nation in East Asia SGIA48215 Module
European Institutions and the Policy Process SGIA42015 Module
European Security SGIA42215 Module
Field Trip SGIA43215 Module
Gender, Security, and Postconflict Reconstruction SGIA48415 Module
German Foreign Policy SGIA40115 Module
Global Governance SGIA49130 Module
Global Governance Institutions SGIA46815 Module
Global Political Theory SGIA49230 Module
Human Rights SGIA40815 Module
Ideologies and Political Thought SGIA49330 Module
International Law and Conflict Intervention SGIA42715 Module
International Negotiation SGIA43415 Module
International Organisations SGIA49430 Module
International Politics of the Middle East SGIA49530 Module
International Relations and Security in the Middle East SGIA41115 Module
International Relations Theory SGIA49630 Module
International Relations Theory SGIA47730 Module
Introduction to the Law and Practice of International Criminal Justice SGIA48615 Module
Issues in the Politics of Military Occupation SGIA46315 Module
Just War in Political Theory and Practice SGIA40315 Module
Methodology in the Social Sciences SGIA41715 Module
Model United Nations SGIA47615 Module
Nationalism, Revolution and Reform in Contemporary China SGIA45015 Module
Participatory Approaches to Peace and Development SGIA47515 Module
Peace Processes and Everyday Political Negotiati SGIA42815 Module
Policing Post-Conflict Cities SGIA47315 Module
Political Economy and Development of Chinese Business SGIA42315 Module
Political Ideology SGIA40515 Module
Post-Conflict Reconstruction and State-Building SGIA42915 Module
Religion, Culture and Conflict SGIA43315 Module
Social Science: Questions, Concepts, Theories, and Methods SGIA40C30 Module
Statistical Exploration and Reasoning SGIA49915 Module
Strategic Asia: Policy and Analysis SGIA41015 Module
The Contemporary Politics of the Middle East SGIA45315 Module
The European Union as a Global Actor SGIA46115 Module
The Political Economy of Development in the Middle East SGIA45615 Module
The Politics of East Asia SGIA49730 Module
The Politics of Global Europe SGIA49030 Module
Theoretical Approaches to Global Governance SGIA46715 Module
Theories of Capitalism SGIA46515 Module
Theories of Global Justice SGIA47015 Module
Transitory Lives - Migration, Research and Advocacy SGIA48315 Module
Urban Violence - Urban Peacebuilding SGIA43815 Module

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