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Advanced Social Work (30 credits) SOCI42230 Module
Communities, Civil Society and Social Justice SOCI44515 Module
Computational Social Science SOCI44115 Module
Crime, Justice and the Sex Industry SOCI42930 Module
Criminology: Theory and Critical Issues SOCI40530 Module
Cybercrime and Cyberculture SOCI41030 Module
Education and Social Inequality SOCI44030 Module
Gender, Violence and Abuse SOCI40630 Module
Health Informatics and Clinical Intelligence SOCI59715 Module
Intermediate Statistics for Social Science Research SOCI43615 Module
Participatory Action Research SOCI43715 Module
Perspectives on Social Research SOCI59515 Module
Policy Related and Evaluation Research SOCI57515 Module
Practice Education (stage 1) SOCI30220 Module
Practice Education (stage 2) - 10 credits SOCI42610 Module
Prisons, Crime and Justice SOCI43530 Module
Professional and Personal Development SOCI43030 Module
Public Sociology: Theory and Practice SOCI54630 Module
Qualitative Methods in Social Science SOCI58815 Module
Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences SOCI57815 Module
Research design and process SOCI59415 Module
Research in Social Work SOCI40345 Module
Researching Society, Policy and Practice SOCI43915 Module
Social Policy and Society SOCI59630 Module
Social Work in Context SOCI41940 Module
Social Work in Practice SOCI42040 Module
Social Work Practice 1 (50 credits) SOCI42150 Module
Social Work Practice 2 (70 credits) SOCI42370 Module
Social Work: Context and Practice SOCI43330 Module
Sociology of Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation SOCI41730 Module
Young People, Crime and Justice SOCI43830 Module

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