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Classical Sociological Theory SOCI1331 Module
Communities and Social Justice SOCI2301 Module
Contemporary Criminological Theory SOCI2231 Module
Crime, Justice and the Sex Industry SOCI3501 Module
Crime, Justice and the Sex Industry SOCI3687 Module
Crime, Power and Social Inequalities SOCI2311 Module
Critical Scholarship in Social Sciences SOCI1411 Module
Cyberculture and Cybercrime SOCI3461 Module
Cyberculture and Cybercrime SOCI3697 Module
Digital Culture: Social Media, Virtual Harm and Emancipatory Expression SOCI3727 Module
Digital Health and other devices: back to the future SOCI3617 Module
Drugs and Society SOCI3707 Module
Feminist Anti-Violence Activism: Theory in Action SOCI3607 Module
Hate crime: Understandings and Responses SOCI3627 Module
Health and Place SOCI3597 Module
Introduction to Criminological Theory SOCI1391 Module
Issues in Criminal Justice SOCI3341 Module
Justice, Violence and Abuse SOCI3587 Module
Modern and Contemporary Sociological Theory SOCI2261 Module
Policing and Police SOCI2221 Module
Race, Racism and Social Justice in Britain SOCI3637 Module
Research Methods in Action SOCI2252 Module
Self, Identity and Society SOCI2111 Module
Social Policy:Principles and Current Issues SOCI3421 Module
Social Research Methods SOCI1321 Module
Social Theory and the Politics of Knowledge SOCI3677 Module
Societies in Transition SOCI1312 Module
Sociology of Education SOCI2271 Module
Sociology of Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation SOCI3667 Module
Sociology of Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation SOCI3381 Module
Sociology of Health and Medicine SOCI2321 Module
Sociology of Mental Health and Illness SOCI3577 Module
Sociology of Reproduction and Parenthood SOCI3557 Module
Sociology of Work and Professions SOCI3491 Module
Sociology of Work and Professions SOCI3647 Module
The Body as Data: Technology, Power and Human Rights SOCI3657 Module
The Criminal Justice Landscape SOCI1421 Module
Violence and Abuse in Society SOCI2281 Module
Youth in Crisis - Young People, Crime and Justice SOCI3567 Module

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