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Advanced Aramaic THEO53430 Module
Advanced Hebrew Texts THEO53230 Module
Anglican Theology in Context THEO41930 Module
Catholic Social Thought THEO43930 Module
Catholic Theology Preliminary Tour (DL) THEO45930 Module
Christian Fundamentalism and the Modern World THEO45430 Module
Christian Gender THEO41030 Module
Christian Northumbria 600-750 THEO57630 Module
Christianity in The Second Century THEO44830 Module
Classic Texts in Christian Theology THEO43430 Module
Conceiving Change in Contemporary Catholicism THEO40230 Module
Conceiving Change in Contemporary Catholicism (Distance Learning) THEO46030 Module
Death, Sacrifice, and Prayer THEO44230 Module
Doctrine of Creation THEO44030 Module
Ecclesiology and Ethnography THEO43830 Module
England's Religious Revolution 1640-62 THEO44130 Module
Extended Study in Foreign Language THEO45310 Module
Extended Study in Theology and Religion THEO43710 Module
Faith and Reason THEO44930 Module
Gospels and Canon THEO42630 Module
Gospels and Canon (with additional texts) THEO45560 Module
High Medieval Franciscan Theology THEO45630 Module
Introductory Biblical Hebrew THEO45230 Module
Introductory New Testament Greek THEO45130 Module
Literature and Religion THEO55130 Module
Liturgy and Sacramentality THEO40630 Module
Method in Practical Theology THEO44330 Module
Middle Egyptian THEO42830 Module
Patristic Ecclesiology THEO43230 Module
Patristic Exegesis THEO43330 Module
Paul and his Interpreters THEO40130 Module
Practical Theology: Advanced Research Methods THEO50190 Module
Practical Theology: Context, Practice and Methodology THEO42330 Module
Principles of Theological Ethics THEO41230 Module
Religion in the Neo-Liberal Age THEO44730 Module
Researching Religion and Belief THEO45715 Module
Ritual, Symbolism and Belief in the Anthropology of Religion THEO56730 Module
Scripture, Art and Theology THEO44530 Module
Social Scientific Methods in the Study of Religion THEO41330 Module
Spirituality, Religion and Health THEO43130 Module
The Bible and Hermeneutics THEO43630 Module
The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha and the New Testament THEO43530 Module
The Theological Task: Contemporary Perspectives THEO42530 Module
The Theology of Thomas Aquinas: Selected Topics (DL) THEO46330 Module
The Thought of Thomas Aquinas in Context THEO44630 Module
Theology, Ethics and Medicine THEO56930 Module
Trinity, Incarnation, and Creation: High Medieval Franciscan Theology THEO46530 Module
Twentieth-Century Catholic Theology THEO41630 Module
Understanding Practice in Theology and Religion THEO44430 Module
Word and Image: Classic Foundations for Christian Visuality THEO45030 Module

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