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Advanced Greek Texts THEO3051 Module
Aramaic THEO3031 Module
Atheism, Belief, and the Edge of Reason THEO2361 Module
Augustine of Hippo THEO2561 Module
Biblical Hebrew THEO1151 Module
Biblical Theology THEO3041 Module
Catholic Theology in the Modern World THEO2491 Module
Christ and the Human Mystery: Imaging God THEO2401 Module
Christian Fundamentalism and the Modern World THEO3501 Module
Christian Tradition and the Practice of Politics THEO3581 Module
Church and Society in Late Antiquity THEO2251 Module
Competing Gospels: Jesus Inside and Outside the Canon THEO3771 Module
Create, Image, Enact: Christian Theology and the Arts THEO2551 Module
Creation and New Creation: Imaging God THEO2241 Module
Death, Ritual and Belief THEO2231 Module
Early Christian doctrine: Trinity and Christology THEO2391 Module
Emotion and Identity in Religion THEO3461 Module
Emotion, Religion and Identity THEO2601 Module
Faith and the Experience of War: Byzantium and Eastern Orthodoxy THEO3741 Module
Faith, Identity and Power in Latin America THEO2571 Module
God and Evil THEO1901 Module
God and the Good: Philosophy of Religion and Ethics THEO1921 Module
God and the Universe of Faiths THEO2471 Module
Hebrew Prose Texts THEO2171 Module
Introduction to Biblical Study THEO1931 Module
Introduction to Christian Theology THEO1191 Module
Introduction to the History of Christianity THEO1171 Module
Introduction to the New Testament THEO1121 Module
Islam Observed: Ethnographic Accounts of Muslim Practice THEO1951 Module
Issues in Old Testament Study THEO2611 Module
Issues in Old Testament Study THEO3291 Module
Jesus Christ in the Twentieth Century THEO3611 Module
Jewish Religion in Antiquity: Belief Systems, Ethics, Political Conflicts THEO2541 Module
Jews and Judaism in the Contemporary World THEO2631 Module
John and the Archheretics. the Gospel of John, the Letters of John and the Origins of Gnosticism (With Greek) THEO3591 Module
John and the Archheretics: the Gospel of John, the Letters of John and the Origins of Gnosticism (in Greek) THEO3601 Module
Literature & Theology of the Old Testament THEO2011 Module
Medieval Theology and Spirituality THEO3751 Module
Medieval Theology and Spirituality THEO2521 Module
Myth and Meaning. The structural Analysis of Mythology THEO2451 Module
New Testament Greek THEO1161 Module
New Testament Theology THEO2051 Module
Old Testament THEO1011 Module
Passion Narratives (In Greek) THEO2271 Module
Performative Theology THEO3781 Module
Philosophy and the Christian Tradition\n 100-500 THEO2211 Module
Picturing Biblical Texts THEO3711 Module
Reading Biblical Texts THEO1911 Module
Reading Greek Sources about the Historical Jesus THEO3621 Module
Religion and Film THEO3441 Module
Religion in Contemporary Britain THEO2321 Module
Religion, Media, and Popular Culture THEO3701 Module
Religious Diversity in African Contexts THEO3661 Module
Research Project and Colloquium in Theology and Religion THEO2461 Module
Sacred India: Land, Politics & Identity THEO2501 Module
Sacred India: Land, Politics and Identity THEO3821 Module
Science and Theology: Exploring the Interface THEO2291 Module
Sects, Prophets and Gurus THEO2531 Module
Syriac THEO2061 Module
The Apostle Peter and Petrine Literature Inside and Outside the New Testament (English) THEO3521 Module
The Apostle Peter and Petrine Literature Inside and Outside the New Testament (With Greek) THEO3531 Module
The Cross of Christ THEO3791 Module
The First Urban Churches THEO3391 Module
The Globalisation of Christianity THEO3721 Module
The Historical Jesus THEO3631 Module
The New Testament and Christian Ethics THEO3341 Module
The Postmodern God THEO3511 Module
The Reformation and its Legacy THEO2511 Module
The Reformation and Its Legacy THEO3761 Module
The Thought of St Bonaventure THEO3801 Module
The Thought of St Bonaventure THEO2591 Module
Theology and Culture in Atlantic History THEO2621 Module
Theology, Nature, Environment THEO3731 Module
Thomas Aquinas: Background, Context and Legacy THEO3691 Module
Topics in Christian Ethics THEO2381 Module
Tractarians and Modernists: Catholic Retrievals THEO3811 Module
Worldview, Faith and Identity THEO1131 Module

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