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Advanced New Testament Studies THMN45730 Module
Advanced Old Testament Studies THMN44830 Module
Biblical Literacy in a Media Culture THMN44130 Module
Christian Doctrine in the Life of the Church THMN45630 Module
Consultancy for Mission and Ministry THMN45330 Module
Digital Theology: Theological Reflection on Digital Culture THMN45030 Module
Digitally Mediated Christianity: Aspects of Digital Theology THMN44930 Module
Early Christian Perspectives on Mission and Ministry THMN45430 Module
Forgiveness in Pastoral Ministry Today THMN44330 Module
Growth and Decline in British Christianity from 1945 to the Present Day THMN44230 Module
Intellect and Imagination: Apologetics in the Mass Media THMN41030 Module
Leadership in Christian Ministry THMN42230 Module
Mission and Ecclesiology: Critical Frameworks for Pioneering THMN43630 Module
Mission and Ministry in the Acts of the Apostles THMN40330 Module
Mission and Ministry in the Johannine Literature THMN45230 Module
Preaching from the New Testament THMN41830 Module
Preaching from the Old Testament THMN40230 Module
Psychology and Christian Ministry THMN41230 Module
Studying Contemporary Worship THMN45530 Module
The Dialogue of Science and Theology in Mission and Ministry THMN42930 Module
The History and Theology of the Charismatic Movement THMN40430 Module
The Thought of Dietrich Bonhoeffer in Context THMN45830 Module
Theological and Practical Reflection on Ministry and Mission THMN40130 Module
Theological Approaches to Spiritual Direction THMN42630 Module

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