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1688: Monarchy and Revolution in Britain HIST3423 Module
A Divided United Kingdom, 1851-1997 HIST1671 Module
A Savage Continent? The Cultural History of Violence in Modern Europe HIST2531 Module
A United Kingdom? Great Britain and Ireland before democracy HIST1621 Module
A world turned upside down: radicalism and the English Revolution HIST3823 Module
A ‘pure’ Land? Gender, Caste and Community in South Asia, C. 1750-1950 HIST21H1 Module
An Animal History of Colonial Asia HIST30Z3 Module
Anglo-Saxon Invasion? The Search for English Origins HIST3451 Module
Approaching US History HIST20E1 Module
Baroque Rome: Portrait of a Court-Capital HIST30V3 Module
Beyond Feudalism HIST30X1 Module
Beyond the Holocaust: Poles, Jews, Turks and Germans from the Nineteenth Century to the Present HIST3363 Module
Beyond the Northlands: The Vikings and their World HIST1631 Module
Black British History HIST20S1 Module
British Politics and the Great War HIST3983 Module
Burning Hearts – Inquisitors and missionaries in a global age, 1550-1700 HIST30B3 Module
Change in Twentieth-Century Britain. Making Modern Bodies: Health, Disability, and Technology in Interwar Britain HIST30Y3 Module
China, Asia and the World HIST34A1 Module
China, the West and the Rest: Exchanges, Ideology, and Practice in Late Imperial China HIST2641 Module
Christianity and conflict in late antique Italy and North Africa HIST20L1 Module
Civilising Peoples: Progress, Governance and the British Empire HIST2431 Module
Connected Histories: Early Modern Europe, c. 1450-1750 HIST1661 Module
Constructing Identities: Gender, Sexuality and Age in England HIST20A1 Module
Consumer Behaviour in Britain, 1660-1760 HIST30A3 Module
Conversations With History HIST2922 Module
Crime and Culture in Early Modern Europe HIST20B1 Module
Cross-cultural Iberia: Identity and Diversity C. 650-950 HIST20X1 Module
Decline and Crisis? Europe, 1300-1500 HIST1641 Module
Developing Africa HIST30C3 Module
Digging It: Towards A History of Archaeology HIST36A1 Module
Early Modern England: a Social History HIST1551 Module
East Asia in Historical Perspective: The Making of the Two Koreas HIST30P1 Module
Economic history of Sub-Saharan Africa HIST21F1 Module
Elders, Despots, Modernisers: Reimagining the State in Northeast Africa HIST2541 Module
Empires and States in Early Modern Asia: Nomads, Slaves, Scholars, Rulers HIST3461 Module
Encountering Abolition in the Atlantic World, c. 1807-1870 HIST30S3 Module
Engineering Armageddon: Visions of Scientific Apocalypse HIST30T3 Module
English Architecture in the Age of Christopher Wren HIST3243 Module
English Civil Wars and Commonwealth HIST3313 Module
Enslavement, Exclusion and Assimilation: The Great Racial Dilemma in Nineteenth Century America HIST1361 Module
Europe Reformed 1400-1600? HIST32A1 Module
Family, Lineage and Dynasty in The Late Medieval City HIST31B3 Module
Flavours and Foodways in The Early Modern British Americas and Atlantic HIST31D3 Module
Food and culinary history of southern Africa, the past and present HIST20Z1 Module
From Raiders to Rulers: The Creation of the Norman Kingdom of Sicily (c.1000-c.1200) HIST20N1 Module
From Vikings to Crusaders: the Formation of the Scandinavian Kingdoms, c. 900-1200 HIST2521 Module
From War to Cold War: US Foreign Policy, C1944-1948 HIST3303 Module
Gender and Sexuality during Britain's Long Twentieth Century HIST20C1 Module
Gender, Society and Cultural Change in China's Long Twentieth Century HIST3953 Module
God, Guns, and Globalization: a history of religion in Africa HIST30L1 Module
Gregory of Tours and the Early Merovingians, c. 500 - 600 HIST20I1 Module
Hard Times: British Society c.1815 - 1902 HIST2211 Module
Health, Wealth and Happiness: Investigating Standards of Living and Wellbeing in the Past HIST30D1 Module
History and its audiences HIST3431 Module
History and Memory in East Asia, 1895-2008 HIST3111 Module
History of American Capitalism HIST3441 Module
History of Black Radical Thought HIST37A3 Module
Imagining East Asia in the Modern World HIST1651 Module
Inheriting the North: Economy & Society 1500-1850 HIST3161 Module
International Human Rights since 1945 HIST20H1 Module
Interpreting conflict in post-colonial Africa HIST3221 Module
Introduction to Chinese History HIST1481 Module
Introduction to Japanese History HIST1581 Module
Inventing France, 1300-1500: Kings and the Communities of the Realm HIST2321 Module
Inventing Humanity HIST3981 Module
Japan in The Global History of Public Opinion HIST3433 Module
Liberty, Equality, Democracy: Progressive Thought in Nineteenth-Century Britain HIST30V1 Module
Living the French Revolution and Napoleonic Empire HIST21A1 Module
Making History HIST1702 Module
Mapping Eastern Europe in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries HIST30E3 Module
Medieval Iceland: Settlement, Saga, Civil War HIST30I3 Module
Memory and Conflict in Europe since 1918 HIST2351 Module
Modern China's Transformations HIST2201 Module
Modern Russia from Emancipation to Revolution: a Cultural History HIST20F1 Module
Modern Times: A Cultural History of Europe, c. 1860-1960 HIST1541 Module
Monarchy and religion in the British world since 1660 HIST1531 Module
Native Americans and Minority Rights in the US, 1914-2000 HIST2871 Module
New Heaven, New Earth: Latin Christendom and The World, 1000-1300 HIST1401 Module
New Histories of American Prisons and Policing HIST20M1 Module
Occupied Europe, 1938-1947 HIST20W1 Module
Oral History HIST21D1 Module
Photographic Histories HIST20R1 Module
Political Authority and Community in Medieval Egypt c.900-c.1500 HIST21G1 Module
Political Culture in Japan since 1688 HIST2621 Module
Politics and Polemics: Medieval German Kings and Their Chroniclers, c. 1024-1125 HIST3001 Module
Politics and Welfare: England, 1880-1914 HIST3293 Module
Popular Cultures in Early Modern England, 1500-1640 HIST30G3 Module
Power and Primacy: Sino-Japanese Relations in the Long Twentieth Century, 1894-2014 HIST2611 Module
Power in Africa HIST1681 Module
Propaganda in Britain and Germany, 1939-1945 HIST3393 Module
Protest, Terrorism and Revolution 1953-1989/90 HIST2741 Module
Public politics: protest, petition and print in England, 1530-1640 HIST3413 Module
Reformation Europe HIST1041 Module
Regions and Peoples in the Atlantic Isles and North America 1500-1800 HIST2971 Module
Resisting Revolution: British Political Culture, 1789-1802 HIST3333 Module
Revolution and History HIST3071 Module
Revolution: Cultural Change and Social Upheaval in Modern France HIST2651 Module
Rice, Race, Religion and Revolt in Colonial Myanmar HIST20T1 Module
Robin Hood HIST2951 Module
Saints and Scholars: Learning, Love and Reform, 1050-1250 HIST3933 Module
Science and Technology in History: Big Science, Small Science HIST20K1 Module
Seeing Red: Soviet Visual Culture c. 1917-1991 HIST30W3 Module
Selling the Tudor Monarchy HIST2441 Module
Sex, Gender, and the Body in South Asian History HIST20U1 Module
Sexual Revolutions: The Politics of Gender and Sexuality in Britain and Beyond, 1920s to 1970s HIST30K3 Module
Sexuality and Gender in Modern Britain HIST30J1 Module
Socialising The Household in Late Medieval Cities HIST21B1 Module
Society and Culture in China Under The Ming and Qing Dynasties HIST1601 Module
Society and Culture in Early Modern France HIST1591 Module
South and South-East Asia in the Indian Ocean World until ca.1500CE HIST30X3 Module
Soviet Socialism in the Cold War: The USSR, 1945-1991 HIST2291 Module
Stalinism HIST3233 Module
Tensions of Empire: British Imperialism 1763-1963 HIST1521 Module
The American Civil War and Reconstruction, 1850-1876 HIST30N3 Module
The Atlantic Archipelago, c.1500-c.1750 HIST1691 Module
The Birth of Western Society, 300-1050 HIST1011 Module
The Black Death HIST3753 Module
The Book of Hours in Medieval Life and Art HIST2931 Module
The Century of Revolution HIST1501 Module
The Court: Art and Power in Early Modern Europe HIST2721 Module
The Crusades HIST2991 Module
The early modern western Indian Ocean – Seascape of Mobilities? HIST20Q1 Module
The Golden Age of Northumbria, c. 600–c. 800 HIST2481 Module
The Habsburg Empire: from Enlightenment to Collapse, 1740-1918 HIST30M1 Module
The Habsburg Empire: from Enlightenment to Collapse, c.1740-1918 HIST20G1 Module
The King's Two Bodies: Rulership in Late Medieval Europe HIST2331 Module
The Last Romans: sixth-century Italy and the end of late antiquity HIST30O3 Module
The Long 1968: Protest in A Transnational Perspective, 1960-1980 HIST3443 Module
The Making of Modern Africa: Change and Adaptation in Sub-Saharan Africa, 1880-2000 HIST1491 Module
The Making of Modern Europe c. 1789-1989 HIST33A1 Module
The Metropolis: Urban Histories of Modern Europe, c.1790-1990 HIST35A1 Module
The Nazi Dictatorship: Culture and Society HIST20D1 Module
The Princely court in northern Europe, 1350-1500 HIST3403 Module
The Reformation and its Historians HIST3091 Module
The Rise and Fall of American Slavery, 1607-1865 HIST1611 Module
The Romantic Revolution in Europe, 1770-1840 HIST2411 Module
The Ruin of the World: Roman to Barbarian Gaul, 400-500 HIST31A3 Module
The United States and the Cold War HIST2471 Module
The White Nile: Conflict, Power and Identity, 1820-2006 HIST2981 Module
The Wonder of the World: Frederick II (1194-1250) in Life and Legend HIST3963 Module
The World of Illuminated Manuscripts: Decorated Books and Cultural History from the Sixth to the Twelfth Century HIST3853 Module
The World We Have Lost? Family and Household in Europe, C.1600-1914 HIST2501 Module
The “Vast” Early Modern Americas HIST20V1 Module
Themes in Modern British History: Religion, Magic and Multiculturalism HIST20J1 Module
Transformations in The Late Antique Mediterranean, C.300-c.700 Ce HIST1701 Module
Treasure in Heaven: Medieval Monasticism c.1000-c.1300 HIST2631 Module
Tudor Monarchy and the Reformation HIST2771 Module
Voice and Silence in South Africa's Liberation Struggle HIST30H3 Module
Wars and Welfare: English Society,1900-1945 HIST1281 Module
Wars, Crisis and Decline: the British Economy Since 1900 HIST2281 Module
Wildlife Conservation in African History HIST20P1 Module
Worlds Apart: The City in Late Medieval England HIST3873 Module

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